AFGE Local 1164

American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO

Social Security

Where we're located:

AFGE Local 1164

c/o SSA 25 High St. Suite 430

Worcester MA 01608

508 793-0125

508 754-9634

Our EMAIL address:
[email protected]

Local AFGE Officials:

Andy Krall, President

Susan Conrad, Executive VP

Bob Hecker, Secretary-Treasurer

George Sincavage, Area I VP

Bill Ross, Area II VP

Sue Leavy, Area III VP

Rick Lemire, Area IV VP

Carolyn Tedino, OHA VP

Here's some basic information about our union local:

AFGE Local 1164 represents Social Security Administration Field, Hearing Office and Teleservice Center workers in the six New England states. We're committed to representation of our members through traditional contract administration, mid term bargaining, political action, organizing and communication. Since 1991, we've grown from @450 to current membership of over 750. We hope to have a fully functioning website with copies of local agreements, memos and other information some time in 1997. Remember that government work is best accomplished by dedicated government workers. Contact us via surface or E-Mail.
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